• k

    Kun Nan

    11 months ago
    Hi, If fleet stop livequery(or timeout) and then close the websocket,it will cause launcher keep calling GRPC😛ublishResults forever? In my fleet server log,I keep receiving logs like below. (I had been tried restart my fleet server,but it still log the same error)
    {"err":"submit launcher results: failed to ingest result: campaign stopped: ","errcode":"","level":"info","message":"","method":"PublishResults","reauth":false,"results":"[{\"query_name\":\"fleet_distributed_query_21254\",\"status\":0,\"rows\":[{\"atime\":\"1631255668\",\"block_size\":\"4096\",\"btime\":\"0\",\"ctime\":\"1618363046\
  • Martavis Parker

    Martavis Parker

    11 months ago
    Hi Kun. This sounds like an issue with the launcher. If so, please post in the #kolide channel.