• defensivedepth


    7 months ago
    If this is the case, what is the function of the
  • Lucas Rodriguez

    Lucas Rodriguez

    7 months ago
    Hi there! Let me take a look and I'll get back to you. I know that one of the possible status is "Invite Pending" (when a user was invited via e-mail).
    Possible values for
    : 1.
    : User is a global user or a member of at least one team (Teams is a Fleet Premium feature). 2.
    Invite Pending
    : The user was created via the
    Invite user
    option, but hasn't responded to the e-mail invitation yet. 3.
    No Access
    : This status only applies to Fleet Premium, that has support for Teams. This Status can happen if a user was a member of some teams (not a global user) and was later removed from all of them. Let me know if it makes sense.