• theopolis


    1 year ago
    It looks like my original CI workflow had an error causing it to only build the project, and not actually run the tests. I've corrected this in a branch and it looks like some tests are failing.
  • Paul Roberts

    Paul Roberts

    1 year ago
    What instance type was this being run on?
    @User ^^
  • d

    David Gibb

    1 year ago
    there looks like there's errors of the form
    95: W0407 02:01:06.374836 49153 tls.cpp:101] Cannot read TLS server certificate(s): /usr/share/osquery/certs/certs.pem
    95: E0407 02:01:06.381587 49153 aws_util.cpp:202] Exception making HTTP request to URL (<>): certificate verify failed