• MoodyMudit


    10 months ago
    Hi, I am trying to capture *process_events* in Linux using the process_events table. Is it possible to identify from the event, that the *process was started or terminated*? As an example, I captured the following event, but there is no identifying information about the status of the process. OS used is *CentOS7*.
      "counter": 0,
      "unixTime": 1627455088,
      "atime": "1627454699",
      "auid": "1000",
      "btime": "0",
      "cmdline": "python3",
      "ctime": "1610552918",
      "cwd": "/",
      "egid": "0",
      "euid": "0",
      "fsgid": "0",
      "fsuid": "0",
      "gid": "0",
      "mode": "0100755",
      "mtime": "1605545975",
      "owner_gid": "0",
      "owner_uid": "0",
      "parent": "7041",
      "path": "/usr/bin/python3.6",
      "pid": "9888",
      "sgid": "0",
      "suid": "0",
      "syscall": "execve",
      "time": "1627454887",
      "uid": "0",
      "uptime": "16902318"
  • Stefano Bonicatti

    Stefano Bonicatti

    10 months ago
    A bit of a late answer, but osquery currently doesn't track the
    syscall, so every process event you see is about a process starting.